Dr. Jay Walshon obtained his medical degree from the SUNY Upstate Medical Center in 1975, and as a hospital Chairman & Director of Emergency Services practiced emergency medicine for over 30 years.  A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, his love of the arts, photography, nature and children culminated in the Eye See You series of books.

Mrs. Caroline Walshon was a finalist in the 1985 Miss Connecticut pageant.  She studied business administration at WBI and has successfully owned and managed several restaurants for over 20 years. Caroline is currently a practicing Usui Reiki Master, certified in Jikiden Reiki, and works helping hospice patients.   Eye See You has given her the opportunity to share her flair for design and accessorizing with children around the world.

The Eye See You series of books was designed to directly connect the world’s children with the animals that share our planet, and instill an appreciation of nature, photography, and travel at an early age.  Believing that collectively, including our children, we can have a positive impact upon the world’s innocents, Dr. Jay recognized this as a philanthropic opportunity with global appeal.

Dr. Jay and Caroline reside in Connecticut.


Shelley Wapniak studied at the art conservatory of SUNY Purchase, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at SUNY ESF and obtained her LEED Accreditation in 2009 trained in a multitude of mediums including pencil, pen & ink, paint and computer graphics. She began her art career working is a freelance artist, and in 2010 started her own Children’s entertainment business: Shelley Belly Caricatures.  The Illustrations in Eye See You Africa are Shelley’s first published work and she is thrilled to be part of this important & exciting project.  Shelley currently resides in Long Beach NY





  1. You guys look fabulous!!!

  2. kathy bondonese

    Hi Dr. Jay,
    It was great meeting and talking to you March 20th at the Palm Beach Zoo’s Tiger Encounter. I look forward to your book on the same. You mentioned that this was your third book, and I only saw one on this site. Did I misunderstand you?
    The books look really great and I hope you will let me know when your new book is completed. My grandchildren will really enjoy it.
    Your zoo friend,

  3. Jeanne Barnes and Doug Bagshaw

    Greetings from Ontario, Canada!

    We enjoyed your web site and wish you well with your book series. It was a pleasure meeting you both on our Alaskan cruise together, where you shared your passion of learning, photograghy, animals and children. The world needs more people like you to insire the rest of us. We wish you every success with your projects now and in the future.

    All the best,
    Jeanne and Doug

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