Hardcover & Dust Jacket    68 pages   $24.95

Illustration by Shelley Wapniak

Foreword by Jack Hanna


In this inaugural book Eye See You – Africa, the lens       of Dr. Jay’s camera brings readers literally “eye to eye” with the animals of the Dark Continent as if you were actually there taking the photograph.  With wonderful images, and using riddles & rhymes, Dr. Jay has created a unique game for our children, and for the child in all of us.  Fun, educational, and entertaining, by taking the reader on an adventure the characters Dr. Jay and Miss Caroline instill an intimate appreciation of nature, promote a love for animals, encourage the exploration of foreign lands, and introduce the beauty of photography at an early age. With a portion of the proceeds donated to Save the Children, the International Center for the Preservation of Wild Animals (the Wilds), and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), you and your child will become benefactors for children in need, and the animals who share our planet     –    the innocents of the world.


Sample pages:

Foreword by Jack Hanna

Foreword by Jack Hanna (Click to enlarge)


Dedication (Click to enlarge)

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Hippo eye_sept10-25

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Hippo canoe sept10-26

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  1. This is an awesome book!!!

  2. I think this is a fantastic idea for charity.

  3. This is a fascinating and inspirational vehicle in which today’s children – our future – may acquire knowledge and develop a respect for the creatures we share this earth with ~ bless the beasts and the children…

  4. Vanessa Graham

    Dr. Jay,

    It was wonderful meeting you and hearing all about your new book for kids. My two children love animals and having met you, are excited to get a new book! The concept is wonderful and my family wishes you and your wife much success with this beautiful endeavor!
    Vanessa, Hugues, India & Micah


    we like this eye see you books and i want a book or books email me back thanks.

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