Eye See You AFRICA is a fun, educational, and entertaining book; a unique game with global appeal, engaging both for children and their parents.  In addition to developing language arts, by taking the reader on an exciting adventure the illustrated characters Dr. Jay and Miss Caroline instill at a very early age an intimate appreciation of nature, promote a love of animals, encourage the exploration of foreign lands, and introduce the beauty of photography by interconnecting the innocents of the world – our children and the animals who share our planet. Donating a portion of book sales to child and animal charity directly benefits its audience as well as its subjects rather than being merely another bedtime story.  Eye See You is a project that benefits children and animals  - i.e. the innocents of the world.

As past Chairman and Director of emergency services at Milford Hospital in CT, I practiced medicine for 35 years.  GIven the opportunity to spend part of my training in Africa living amongst the native population, I bore witness to poverty and diseases such as neonatal tetanus, malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, malnutrition, parasites and leprosy.   I wondered if one day I might somehow help those innocent children in any meaningful way.  Decades later having graduated from the NY Institute of Photography, I returned to Africa, and contemplated how I might share my experience with others, particularly children – so I compiled into a book photographs that would bring readers up front with nature in a unique, entertaining and educational fashion.

In EYE SEE YOU – AFRICA, the two characters Dr. Jay & Miss Caroline lead children on safari.  Through a camera’s viewfinder, with close-ups on animal “eyes” and clues in rhyming/riddle format, the reader must determine what animal they are photographing.  The layout brings the child to the scene as if he/she is taking the photograph.  With many wonderful images, and using riddles & rhymes, I’ve created a unique game for our children, and for the child in all of us.

By donating a portion of the proceeds to Save the Children, the International Center for the Preservation of Wild Animals (the Wilds), and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW),  the universal appeal of the EYE SEE YOU series has the potential to become a source of global philanthropic revenue for this generation, and generations to come.  Imagine the possibilities if everyday people would become stewards of the earth to benefit of the innocents of the world.  EYE SEE YOU  gives everyone that capability - globally.

                                                                                                                                        Dr. Jay




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  1. Jay,

    Having known you for numerous years as a fellow physician, my professional respect for you has always come easy because of the wonderful work you have done and continue to do in the Emergency Room at Milford Hospital. Now, as your camera brings the view of animals closer to children, your website has now enhanced my view of you, growing in another dimension in a very positive way. I look forward to reading your book and sharing it with my granddaughters…

    Tim Sharpe, MD

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