At the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds (the International Center for the Preservation of Wild Animals), our goals are animal conservation, wildlife education, research and recreation. But most importantly, we strive to inspire people to become more interested in the conservation of animals and their habitats.  We have partners all over the world that do the same, and Dr. Jay is one of them!    In his new book, Eye See You – Africa, he takes young readers on an exciting safari to Africa!  Through his amazing photography and fun verse, we become in awe of the beautiful creatures and learn more about their daily lives. Believe me (and I’ve been to Africa over 50 times), Dr. Jay’s book is the real deal and the pages of his book are exactly what unfolds on the African savanna each and every day!   Only very few people are fortunate enough to experience a real safari in Africa—and, indeed, these are lucky people! Your world and the way you view it will change after just one visit there.    Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. I was inspired to do so by watching TV programs such as “Wild Kingdom” and reading books. The same will happen to any youngster that picks up Eye See You – Africa, and that’s what we’re all working for as we pass the torch of conservation to the next generation—the future stewards of our Earth and all its creatures!   Dr. Jay’s book will give you and your child the opportunity to become partners in the conservation, rescue and humanitrian efforts that help children & animals in need around the world. –   Jack Hanna,  Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo,   Host of TV’s “Into the Wild” and “Wild Countdown”

“With Eye See You – Africa, Dr. Jay has created a delightful way of engaging our children while providing a wonderful opportunity to benefit those less fortunate, both here and elsewhere around the globe. What a remarkable and unique concept he has brought us. Utilizing an incomparable and engaging format, this book is a must for anyone wishing to provide an entertaining and educational gift for their child, one that parents and children will enjoy together, and one that inherently provides valuable financial contributions to aid children in need all around the world. This inaugural book actualizes Dr. Jay’s powerful idea that a mere children’s book could make an important difference in the lives of many, by children and animals helping children and animals. With the purchase of this book, you and your child are not only guaranteed fun and enjoyment, but also rewarded by becoming benefactors for the “innocents of the world”. Thank you Dr. Jay!”  -  Carolyn Miles President & CEO Save the Children

“Dr. Jay has put together a wonderful set of experiences with animals of Africa that will thrill children.  It is a fascinating and lively excursion that will draw you in immediately.  Dr. Jay has made a significant contribution to early education.” – Fred O’Regan President & CEO International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

“Dr. Jay and Miss Caroline take you on a close-up and personal safari in Eye See You – Africa.  This  beautifully photographed and inspirational look at Africa’s wild side is destined to be not only a favorite, but an important book for children of all ages.” – Jeffrey A. Wands, author of Another Door Opens

“The book is lovely and inventive, and children throughout the world will enjoy playing along.  Such a wonderful gift you’re giving.” – Adam Werbach, former President Sierra Club

Dr. Jay’s book Eye See You – Africa proves a highly engaging, interactive text for students.  What a powerful way for children to learn about making an impact on their community through the written word! Potential ties to language arts and social studies content for the primary grades is endless!… Jennifer Barone, 2nd grade teacher Weston, CT.

This is a fascinating and inspirational vehicle in which today’s children – our future – may acquire knowledge and develop a respect for the creatures we share this earth with ~ bless the beasts and the children…  Michelle Diener, Fairfield, CT.

Greetings from Ontario, Canada!  We enjoyed your web site and wish you well with your book series. It was a pleasure meeting you both on our Alaskan cruise together, where you shared your passion of learning, photograghy, animals and children. The world needs more people like you to insire the rest of us. We wish you every success with your projects now and in the future. All the best,  Jeanne and Doug

The book was a hit in our house!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you.   All night my daughter kept saying that she wants to know when the next book will be written.  She wouldn’t let up!  Roberta A. Barrett  WEBE 108 & WICC 600

The kids loved your book. Two thumbs up!!! Haven’t seen them getting this excited over a book in a long time :-)  Can’t wait for the next one…. Eesha is taking it to school tomorrow to share with her teacher and friends.  Anitha

My students loved the book!!!  Enjoyed the photographs and asking to read the book in their free time!   Barb Bugar  Special Education Teacher, Pocomoke Va.



Dear Dr. Jay, I will try to be the first person to buy your book.  And I like that you have to find out what the animal is… Synserly,  Luke, 2nd grade

Dear Dr. Jay.  I’m writing to you because I engoyed your book and I loveed how you only used eyes of animalls.  Thank you….Cooper, 2nd grade

Dear Dr. Jay. You are the best aouther in the world.  I am Jonathan and 8 years old.  Your book had animals that I love.  I loved your book.  Your fan, JDL, 2nd grade

Dear Dr. Jay.  It was great to see your book and it was fun to gess what the animal was… Rylie, 2nd grade

Dear Mr. Jay.  Your book was great because your facts rellay helped me viswalise the animal and figre it out… 2nd grade

“Mama…I want another book like this and then read it again and again”….  Alexis age 6



  1. Taylor Werner, 2nd grade

    Dear Dr. Jay
    Probably, to the animals you’re their KING! I think it is so generous that the money from your books, you’re donating to help the animals there, then take it all for yourself. Your the KING of the jungle!

  2. i like this subject and it will help me a lot with my homework. thanks for helping.

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